One Piece - Oda-sensei hospitalised, YouTube Partnership - Duck videos!

Yep, that’s right guys. Oda got hospitalesed with peritonsillar abscess (quinsy). Let’s pray for his health and wish him the best! He needs a break too. Get some rest Oda-sensei and get better soon, so you can return to One Piece with full strenght! Thank You for everything!

Well yeah, having no Chapter for two weeks was quiet the blow for my schedule. (I am being serious here! I had to do extra learning instead of reading my favourite manga. Blasphemy!) The story is really at it’s peak right now. Can’t wait for the next Chapter to happen!

On other news: Yep, I did it. I went into partnership with YouTube. Oh, you didn’t know I have a Channel? (FrantACs - YouTube Channel) Click that logo to the right and it will take you there. (If you are already there, please consider Subscribing. I might have some cute videos of baby animals that you might like.) So in other words, I have extra features for my Channel, and above all, I get payed a few bucks for my work I put in there. (Not that it’s much, but every cent is appreciated.)

All in all it’s a great opportunity. (Seriously, you should take every and each opportunity life hands you over, ‘cause you never know what might hit you in the future.)

So as we speak, have some “Baby Ducks - Season 2013" video from my workshop.

One Piece — Chapter 700: His Pace & Episode 586: ”Big Trouble! Luffy Sinks into the Frozen Lake”

Time for some double coverage! Yep, that’s right. I am here to make up for me not covering neither the new Chapter of the Manga nor the new Episode of the Anime last week. So, long story short, here I go!

Chapter 700, titled "His Pace" (or “At his own Pace”), a new milestone in the History of the Manga. The News sweep over the World!


Doflamingo resigned both being Shichibukai and King of Dressrosa. This led to a huge impact in the New World. All the trade routes with Doflamingo have been disrupted. Deliveries of weapons to countries in war are no more. Oh look! It’s Boney-chwaaan~! eatin’ pizza. :-* And Jinbei!

A lot of information is being leeked out by a reporter called “Absa”. Does that name sound familiar? Thriller Bark? A ship similar to Thriller Bark is clearly recognised in the Manga. Is that guy Absalon? He can become invisible after all, so gathering information is easy for him.

Nonetheless, the whole World now knows about the Alliance of the “Worst Generation”. Trafalgar Law & Monkey D. Luffy forming one of the Alliances, while Scratchman Apoo, Basil Hawkins and Eustass “Captain” Kid the other one.


                             Law Hates bread. *Shocked~!!!*

Who is the mysterious 7th Shichibukai? Well, it’s great to have at least Buggy the Clown confirmed as one. I am so happy ‘bout that. ^^

Hang on… what did you just say, Doflamingo? Whose Devil Fruit is that? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Mera Mera no mi, Portgas D. Ace's devil fruit.

This Chapter was awesome. Truly, give Oda 10 medals or 100.

Now, Episode 586 of the Anime.


Sanji in Nami’s Body. Clearly, the Best part of Episode 586, by far.

So, to start it of, the Animation was great in this one. It covered chapter 661 of the Manga.

All in all, maybe the most disappointing thing in this Episode were that the Voices changed together with their hearts. :( I was expecting something like that episode in Fairy Tail, when they exchanged bodies. This was a great opportunity for the Voice Actors too, to do some silly imitations of the other charcters. Imagine Franky!Chopper being all “Suuuupeeeerrr~!" or Sanji!Nami with a deep voice, Nami!Franky going all “Kyaaa~!" and Chopper!SanjiI became a human!”. How cool would that be?

Nevermind though that. It was a great chapter. I liked it.

Next week, there will be no new Episode due to somekind of Marathon that airs on Fuji TV, the local network that airs One Piece too. But it might be a good thing too. Maybe, we will get a more packed episode the week after.


(Yay, long post.)

One Piece — Chapter 699: Morning Paper

W-w-wait! Hold on! I need… I need five more minutes.

Okay I am fine-… I mean no! I need fuckin’ five more minutes.

Okay, calm down. Everything is okay, everything is fine. Just breathe in  and out. In, and out. In, and out. *colapses*


I-I-I just don’t know where to start this of… I mean… Oh dear! Dear Oda, you did it again. You managed to pull of another great chapter. How do you do this? Very well, you want to hear my thoughts on this chapter? Okay. *colapses again*

Mayor Spoilers ahead!

First, I’d like to mention the color spread. Another beautiful piece of Art from Oda.

Okay, moving on. The most unpredictable, yet predictable “showdown” betwean Kuzan and Doflamingo went the way I did not believe it will take. Kuzan just kind of scared Doflamingo away. After that Kuzan and his friend Smo-yan had a pleasant talk. (Smoker: “… I… just died." — Kuzan: *YouDon’tSay?*) So Kuzan does not regret leaving the Marines after all. I did expect that. Now as a Freelancer, he can look at the World with his own eyes and judge it himself. Good thing. 

By the way, that Penguin of Kuzan’s is cute. Look:


Oh and Kuzan being Kuzan… he forgot his lines again. Marines: “We won’t tell anyone~!!!”

Moving on, Kinemon recognised Shuusui. Yep I am talking about Zoro’s Katana, the one he got from Ryuuma. Kinemon talked about Ryuuma as a Hero from the Wano country.

Oh, and that little brat… *rage/envy* … that little brat got to bathe with Robin-chwaaan~! Taking advantage of his situation as a child. I so envy him… Moreover he got to sleep in one room with them, with Nami-swan too. I wish I was a child again for a silly reason there.

Enough of Fanservice!

Doflamingo actually did it. He resigned, the King of Dressrosa, from the Royal Shichibukai. (He actually cares for CC, daaaaw~!)

The plot is moving on. Alliances are being formed. Soon, the epicness in one piece, will double… no, tripple… no, words can not… indeed.

Next Chapter, shit’s getting real.


One Piece - Episode 585: “Shichibukai! Trafalgar Law”

Great episode being great. Just as presumed, this was another build-up episode.

Dem faces. Oh Law and Smoker. (Tashigi Kawaii~!) Priceless. To be honest, the moment of surprice when the Mugiwaras stepped out the door was great already in the manga. (F-Franky Tank~!But hey, it was even greater in the Anime~! A girl in bikiny, a talking Kung-fu tanuki, a Severed head and a Pervert two Perverts with Kids right behind them. Sounds ‘bout right.

Animation was alright for most of the episode, first half of it seemed a bit slow in pace, but overall an okay episode.

The kids actually liked Master?

I thought this before, when reading the manga… well, to put it into words: Isn’t that DF of Law’s a bit too OP? I mean, what is there to come in future episodes… Okay, STOP! Spoilers I won’t tell. Read the manga if you want to really know. But okay, back on track… I mean, the Devil Fruit suits the theme of a Pirate Doctor, okay. That’s not the problem. *ROOM* Sooo, what i want to say is that- … *SHAMBLES* …-tHaT !t,S Pr4CT|C4[[Z 0P. *FrantACs interrupts* WILL YOU STOP THAT, TRAFALGUY! *Law: Okay… :(* See what I mean? Words - indeed - cannot describe it. So, if you see a ship falling from the sky, blame on Law… oh and of course on the Strawhats. So many setbacksdamn! (Sky Island, granted.)

I am all revved up for the next episode.

Have some CodeProvider!


One Piece - Episode 584: “A Duel of Swordplay! Brook and the Mysterious Samurai Torso”

My thoughts on this one? Not too shabby. Animation was okay, the duel between Brook and Kinemon’s torso was cool, Brownbeards beard is brown, Captain-chan being cute, Smo-yan likes gas apparently and Law… ohh, Law.

Hundreds of hearts? They call them “Heart Pirates" for a reason now. Here we go guys! The one and only Law, a Royal Shichibukai, made his appearance in the Anime once again after a long, long time. (Not that long actually…)

Anywhore, there is not much progress, that we could talk about in this ep. It was more of a “build-up" episode. Though the next couple of episodes should be more exciting, hence my high expectations. Don’t blow this one, Toei!

Shit’s gone serious. Punk Hazard, here we go!

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