Short story long… oh wait! Fairy Tail >< One Piece, Minecraft NEWS … and I quit WoW?

Long story short, yep you guessed it right. I now officially blog about another anime besides the One and Only One Piece.

Fairy Tail as an anime came to my attention about 2 years ago. I was at a dead point and lack of anime. Yeah, I watched like all the anime that was sort of “available” at that time. So, yes I decided to give Fairy Tail a go and I must say, I was not misled by the first impression I got from it. In a few words: awesome, funny, awesome, exciting, awesome… and again awesome. Sincerely, if you are into One Piece as a shōnen manga/anime, you will MOST likely be into Fairy Tail. I don’t want to spoil anything here in this post for you, IF you are not yet following either the anime or the manga of Fairy Tail yet. So, be warned! Next posts may contain spoilers!


All the way, back to the trees! Naaah, I KEED YA! Redstone Update! Oh boy, oh boy! The release of Patch 1.5 is ever closer. The boys at Mojang decidet to reduce new feature additions in upcoming snapshots and focus on bug fixes. All I can deduce from that is, that the release is very close to the present date. They might release the PR of patch 1.5 Soon-ish.

The new features … Oh com’on! You can use Google, right? Let me point you at the Wiki. Here, some videos on YouTube.


Your average 13 years old WoW player:

It’s such a sh!tty g4me! $lizzard totally ruined it with st00ped Pandahs!!!1!!1ONE!one111! I IZ h4rdc0r3. U Play dis babiez gaehm!? U suckz0r7! GO cry mo4r!!11!! 

Okay, now that I have your attention…

They told you I quit WoW? They were right, but tell you the truth, I don’t intend to stop playing like… forever. No, this is just temporary. I intend to come back as soon as I get better, both health and financially. Actually, I am in a pinch right now. But be at ease, I will manage somehow and return with at least half of my pride… one day. Heh.

Gothic Multiplayer, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Minecraft, One Piece

               Gothic Multiplayer

Here we are again! A new NEW version of Gothic Multiplayer approaches and soon will be released with all new features.

GMP developers (Ojciec Inicjator):

Not without reason, when we were calling the new GMP we have been adding the adjective “new”. Of course, we aren’t changing the orginal name of our mod. Simply, in our eyes, the number of changes comparing to the available version is huge, therefore it makes it an huge evolution.

After all those months, GMP went through a lot. The project was put on hiatus during the Anti ACTA protest in Poland. But once everything was settled, the project continued and has changed shape since then so much, that you won’t recognise it. The GMP team is a few more steps close to fulfilling our dreams! Soon (let’s hope very soon) we will be able to enjoy an all new experience and adventure in the fantasy world of Gothic.

                 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Since the release of Mists of Pandaria (the all new expansion pack for our beloved game, World of Warcraft), some new information was released concerning Patch 5.1. Yep, you heard me right. The PTRs are up. Seems like, that this patch will expand upon the Wrathion Quest Line. (The Black Prince)

A lot of sound files were datamined and… I don’t want to spoil anything here, but I can tell you, all $H!T is going to break loose. (If you are interested in those sound files,  you can find some YouTube videos in this MMO-champion thread here). Seems like those sound files are going to be part of some new Scenarios featuring the Alliance and Horde conflict.

Some videos popped up on YouTube about some "Brawler’s Guild", that is going to be added in Patch 5.1 aswell.

TL;DR: Patch 5.1 IS AWESOME!


The snapshots for Minecraft 1.4 have been mostly bug fixes now. That means, that the release is very close now. Most likely, it will be released arround Halloween.

It’s going to be called the "Very Scary Update". All the content added will expand upon the Nether, the upper world with the addition of new mobs like Witches, the Wither and all new blocks and mechanics that will expand upon our Minecraft experience.

More details of patch 1.4 on Minecraft Wiki.

       One Piece - The New World

And yet again, it’s time to celebrate the end of the Fishman Island Ark with the episode 568: ”To the Future! The Path to the Sun!” 

Punk Hazard! WE GO!


Whoring time! Czech Royal Knights on the loose!

     Czech Royal Knights - Mists of Pandaria

So, here we are again! Yep, exactly, it’s whoring time!


0MG! L0LZ04, H3 1Z G0NN4 WH0R3 4G41N!!! Y U 50 WH0RY?

As a matter of fact, I really have no choice but to whore my guild. That’s right. We need you! (That is, if you speak Slovak or Czech language. Ohh, come on! I mean, Paragon is a Suomi guild, and won’t take anyone else!)

You see, a life of a Raid leader is not easy. You might say: “Hey! In fact it is. You just pew pew and yell at your failraiders. It’s just that simple." NOPE! I call Chuck Testa on this one.

Here is the deal:

  • You have to be active (at least 3 days a week - Tu, Thu, Sun)
  • You must speak Czech or Slovak languages (or both, they are almost the same)
  • You have to be social as well (we speak a lot, nonsense sometimes…)
  • Show us that you mean it! (“Arggghh, I soloed Deathwhimpwing!”)
  • All of it above…

If you are indeed interested, a rozumíš tomu, co teď tady píšu, then apply on our website:


All this hate… Mists of Pandaria… Sha of Hatred?

                                  Sha of Hatred

                                                Sha of Hatred

Childish… childish?! We have been playing the same game, right? Show me, at which point, in the game, was that childish thingy you are speaking of. Umm, that’s just a Pandaren… oh look a cow! And… and a space goat! LOL! You are right, this game is childish. You have walking cow-man in it and talking goats. Elves? Those spiky-eared fairy tail people? Yeah, I know them. Have seen them in Disney books when I was a child.

Okay, guys! This is getting embarrasing. We play a game, right? Who else does play games? Children? Yeah, that’s right. Children. So are Pandaren really that big of a deal? I mean, you are fine with all those ridiculous races in the game, but Pandaren cross the line? Yet you still remain ignorant. It is fine to dislike something, it’s fine to move on too, though… Here’s an example:

Ohh, I used to like this chocolate bar, that I always bought as a child, but they changed it’s base flavour and I dislike it now. I am not going to cry out loud on everyone I meet that day just because of it, since I am mature enought to just move on and buy something else I might like now. It was nice while it lasted.

You guys do the exact opposite of how a mature individual should respond to a situation similiar as written above, to a product being changed. You don’t like it? You shut your trap and move on calmly. And Not a Single Fuck Is Going To Be Given That Day.

                        No Fucks Given.

Moving on! The game is live and a lot has happend since. Something that has happened on almost every single expansion launch. Yep, that’s right. I am talking about the World’s first level 90 being deleveled to 87 due to achieving max level with exploits. To be honest, that’s all that has happend, not even worth mentioning actually.

Well, actually all those biased reviews of the game… oh wow! They Retarded. And I accidentally a verb.

Moving, moving on. Moving-on-sception! Since I am not level 90 yet and have experienced just a fraction of this expansions content, all I can say is. Yes. The new enviroment - Pandaria - is stunningly beautiful. It gave the game this feeling of it being fresh. Yet some people find things to complain about.

Well that’s it for now. Once I actually do some of the interesting stuff, I might post again… Soon™-ish.

No “world” event prior to the launch of MoP? …wat?

                World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Odd things happen these days… yep… odd. And when I say odd, i mean it as usual. No “world” event for you fellas! Just as the tittle says, there won’t be a world event as we knew it from previous pre-expansion patches. Well, not that I will miss those messy times when peoply are confused and not sure what really is happening to them. I mean, did you enjoy the Scourge invasion, the Wrath of the Lich King event? Well… it was fun exploding in a crowd of people while you were a ghoul, but it became annoying at times. What about the Cataclysm event? Do I even have to mention that mess? Carrying bags, or what ever the fuck those things were, stoping fire, I guess (if I remember correctly…) and listening (reading) the crap the Doomsayers were spouting with a holographic Cho’gall appearing from nowhere. Nah… I don’t need those. I can be satisfied with a Scenario.

Oh shucks, now this is what I call killing the World (of Warcraft). I mean, scenarios are fine but, isn’t that like locking people out from each other in different rooms, when this game is suppoused to be an MMORPG? I don’t think so. What I believe, is that Blizzard just simply got tired of making new world events and/or found a new way to cut some corners. I mean every single time there was an event, something just had to go wrong. There were technical difficulties (take Diablo 3 as an excelent example of the way Blizzard prepares for these big events(read: releas)) every single freakin’ time. The game crashing, laging, crowded with people arround certain NPCs… It was just a big mess. But Blizzard, come on! We pay you money Blizz, money! Why don’t you give as quality products in return? I guess, when I went overboard with my post about not getting the Beta, I was right after all.

I don’t want to be mean. I don’t mean to hate on you Blizzard. I just think, you should rethink your strategy, because this stinks of a conspiracy between you and Activision. Milking a game dry is not a good strategy. How long do you think this will last until more people notice this. I don’t want you to go this way. I want you back the way you were, when you released World of Warcraft, back then, in those days, dear Blizzard.

I just hope, you did a better job with Mists of Pandaria, than with FailaCataclysm. I don’t want another “Dragon Soul”. I want fresh, hard, longlasting, fun endgame content. Not some retextured zones with a few tweaks and upgrades.

Therefore, I support ideas as this: The Sulution, Segregations is Key. Why can’t you just simply create a Hardcore realm for those, that have a bit more patience. We don’t need to have a fully equipped character with epics from the scratch. We can wait, we want to progress in a challenging enviroment, in a way as it used to be back then, in those days, of course with less flaws and bugs.

Some companies just tend to forget a really important thing they miss every single time. Simply put, the key to create a good sequel is to keep all the features the prequel had and add a ton more features to it. I just had about enought headaches with those halfassed sequels released with even less content than the prequel. Never mind me though… I know you will say it’s not always true, but if it happens, I could tear out skyscrapers from anger. 

Aww, give it a break already… I am done here!