One Piece — Chapter 699: Morning Paper

W-w-wait! Hold on! I need… I need five more minutes.

Okay I am fine-… I mean no! I need fuckin’ five more minutes.

Okay, calm down. Everything is okay, everything is fine. Just breathe in  and out. In, and out. In, and out. *colapses*


I-I-I just don’t know where to start this of… I mean… Oh dear! Dear Oda, you did it again. You managed to pull of another great chapter. How do you do this? Very well, you want to hear my thoughts on this chapter? Okay. *colapses again*

Mayor Spoilers ahead!

First, I’d like to mention the color spread. Another beautiful piece of Art from Oda.

Okay, moving on. The most unpredictable, yet predictable “showdown” betwean Kuzan and Doflamingo went the way I did not believe it will take. Kuzan just kind of scared Doflamingo away. After that Kuzan and his friend Smo-yan had a pleasant talk. (Smoker: “… I… just died." — Kuzan: *YouDon’tSay?*) So Kuzan does not regret leaving the Marines after all. I did expect that. Now as a Freelancer, he can look at the World with his own eyes and judge it himself. Good thing. 

By the way, that Penguin of Kuzan’s is cute. Look:


Oh and Kuzan being Kuzan… he forgot his lines again. Marines: “We won’t tell anyone~!!!”

Moving on, Kinemon recognised Shuusui. Yep I am talking about Zoro’s Katana, the one he got from Ryuuma. Kinemon talked about Ryuuma as a Hero from the Wano country.

Oh, and that little brat… *rage/envy* … that little brat got to bathe with Robin-chwaaan~! Taking advantage of his situation as a child. I so envy him… Moreover he got to sleep in one room with them, with Nami-swan too. I wish I was a child again for a silly reason there.

Enough of Fanservice!

Doflamingo actually did it. He resigned, the King of Dressrosa, from the Royal Shichibukai. (He actually cares for CC, daaaaw~!)

The plot is moving on. Alliances are being formed. Soon, the epicness in one piece, will double… no, tripple… no, words can not… indeed.

Next Chapter, shit’s getting real.


Gothic Multiplayer, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Minecraft, One Piece

               Gothic Multiplayer

Here we are again! A new NEW version of Gothic Multiplayer approaches and soon will be released with all new features.

GMP developers (Ojciec Inicjator):

Not without reason, when we were calling the new GMP we have been adding the adjective “new”. Of course, we aren’t changing the orginal name of our mod. Simply, in our eyes, the number of changes comparing to the available version is huge, therefore it makes it an huge evolution.

After all those months, GMP went through a lot. The project was put on hiatus during the Anti ACTA protest in Poland. But once everything was settled, the project continued and has changed shape since then so much, that you won’t recognise it. The GMP team is a few more steps close to fulfilling our dreams! Soon (let’s hope very soon) we will be able to enjoy an all new experience and adventure in the fantasy world of Gothic.

                 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Since the release of Mists of Pandaria (the all new expansion pack for our beloved game, World of Warcraft), some new information was released concerning Patch 5.1. Yep, you heard me right. The PTRs are up. Seems like, that this patch will expand upon the Wrathion Quest Line. (The Black Prince)

A lot of sound files were datamined and… I don’t want to spoil anything here, but I can tell you, all $H!T is going to break loose. (If you are interested in those sound files,  you can find some YouTube videos in this MMO-champion thread here). Seems like those sound files are going to be part of some new Scenarios featuring the Alliance and Horde conflict.

Some videos popped up on YouTube about some "Brawler’s Guild", that is going to be added in Patch 5.1 aswell.

TL;DR: Patch 5.1 IS AWESOME!


The snapshots for Minecraft 1.4 have been mostly bug fixes now. That means, that the release is very close now. Most likely, it will be released arround Halloween.

It’s going to be called the "Very Scary Update". All the content added will expand upon the Nether, the upper world with the addition of new mobs like Witches, the Wither and all new blocks and mechanics that will expand upon our Minecraft experience.

More details of patch 1.4 on Minecraft Wiki.

       One Piece - The New World

And yet again, it’s time to celebrate the end of the Fishman Island Ark with the episode 568: ”To the Future! The Path to the Sun!” 

Punk Hazard! WE GO!


Crazy Weekend, NO-Beta Club, Ponies… !

Crazy, crazy weekend! Yep, I did a bunch of things people don’t normally do on weekends. For isntance, I’ve been to cram school and I watched Ponies… yeah. Wait, what? What’s wrong with it if a 20 years old male watches Ponies? Very well then:



Eeyup. A new Fluttershy episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired on the Hub this Saturday. And yes, Fluttershy is BEST pony! I wasn’t able to watch it live unfortunatelly, because of that stupid Cram school. Yeah, if you want to achieve something, you often have to sacrifice something. So in order to fill in the lack of Ponies this weekend I was forced to watch the episode on YouTube. :(

(Fluttershy is a tree. It’s cannon now.)

Oh, and if you would be interested of what school am I preparing for… well, since Fluttershy is my BEST pony… try and guess. ^^

Besides, I just entered the “Got Annual Pass NO Beta Club”. Wait, did I mention that already? Nevermind then… I got the Beta client downloaded… but I have no use of it, yet.

Summer time(Daylinght saving time) oh gee, I almost overslept because of it. I just thought I mention it… AND I STILL AIN’T GOT MAH BETAH!!!!1!1!1!one!!1!!!111!

In other news, a new new One Piece episode aired this Sunday too… I am a huge One Piece fan too. :)

Episode 540: “The Liberated Slaves’ Hero - The Adventurer Tiger”