World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I know… suddenly stating, that I am going to start the Beta coverage and then disappearing. Well, yes. There are a lot of reasons as to WHY I was gone (health, family, …) and didn’t really start covering a thing that happened in the Beta. But since I am back and frankly, in a fairly good condition, I will do my best to cover up as much as I can about the Mists of Pandaria Beta.

Well I am sure you want to hear some opinions from those, who have at least glimpsed at the Beta. Okay then… here is something I can tell you right away:

Cataclysm sucked monkeyballz! Mists of Pandaria is going to be superior to anything in Cataclysm from the start.

Yep, that’s about it guys. Cope with it. I know some of you will go: "0MG P4ND4Z 4R3 CH17D15H! K1LL1NG B1G DR4G0NZ 1Z 1337! 1 QU17!" (translation: “OMG pandas are childish! killing big dragons is leet,! I quit!”)

Quiet franky, and yes I am using that word a second time just about ‘cause I find it fitting in context to the moaming you give of from you for no big reason and sense, there is this other side group of people, the non-vocal majority, that actually is going to enjoy the Game as it comes… with improvements! Ohh, come on! Vanilla WoW was never as good and entertaining as you remember it. Put away your rose-tinted glasses. It was horrible if I look back. I don’t even want to talk about it. I just want to point out, that there is a ton more things you can do today in WoW. You have the choice. You can do just about anything you could have done back then, in the Glorious days of WoW, when the game was not yet broken and you lose NOTHIN’! Plus you get a shitton of content every now and then (I waited months for every single content patch in BC too… not just in Failaclysm).

Sooo, what’s your point, haters? Get your arguments straight! Mkay?! The game was never bad or good. It had all the time just about as many good points as bad ones. It was never perfect. And what you should know, that there is NOTHING on the world that is 100%.

Another thing… Failablo 3, I mean Diablo 3. The game did not fail… You guys just simply burned the content way too fast. Ohh, and do I have to mention patch 1.0.4? I mean, have you seen those additions and fixes? Well I have. And I am very, VERY pleased with those changes. Jay (the director of Diablo 3) is one hell of an inovator. I know, you would come up with a better idea, I know you would have done the game differently from scratch and I know you would make it to be a rightful successor of the prequels. Okay, I get it! Calm down. You should have told them that in the early beta.

Oh and one more thing. It’s not game design fail that made Diablo 3 what it is/was… It was the community… yep it’s our own damn mistake to play the game as one should not! Infact, playing a game for 12 hours without a break is not healthy. Come on! You have grown up already! You are not the innocent (not that innocent) teen that used to play Diablo 1 or 2 back in the days. You are a grown up adult now, you have matured. (And when I say matured I mean by the definition of being mature (psychologically). Look it up on wikipedia, seriously, and then we can continue talking.) You are not a child anymore, move on!

Long post short… I am glad I could tell you guys my thoughts on the situation. If you have any questions just ask me, I should post now regularly. (More or less)

And big news is that I am returning to WoW once MoP hits the shelves.


Anyways: Are you looking forward to the release of Mists of Pandaria?

I got the Beta… finally. Now WHAT?

          WoW:MoP Beta

Umm… Okay now… I went maybe a bit overboard with my last post. But hey… I had to get you attention somehow. 'Cause the one who rages gets a lot of attention, right?

Okay, so I got into the Beta, but I was unabled to copy any of my characters yet, nor was I able to copy a Premade one. Seems like a lot of people are trying to do the very same thing as me. I will give it a rest for now and try sometimes later today.

Soooooo, my Beta coverage can begin. Hopefully Sandis (R4gn4r0k) got in too. Let’s see whether it’s any good…


(Oh and for the ones, that want to see a TL:DR version of my posts, read only the bold parts of the text.)

300K Beta invites!

Excuse me, but WHAT??!!

      Y U NO GEEF ME BETA??!!

I feel like Blizzard is trolling me…


I’m still Betaless. (Pun intended, yet again… NOPE!) Nevermind me… I can wait, a bit more… just in case you look for me, don’t miss Sicily… I have some business to negotiate with my “family” about the Annual Pass.

I KEED YA! I ain’t got no “family”. :(

You can read more about the beta on MMO-Champion and

In other news, a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic just aired recently on the Hub. Worth checking it out. :)

        Cutiemark Crusaders

Crazy Weekend, NO-Beta Club, Ponies… !

Crazy, crazy weekend! Yep, I did a bunch of things people don’t normally do on weekends. For isntance, I’ve been to cram school and I watched Ponies… yeah. Wait, what? What’s wrong with it if a 20 years old male watches Ponies? Very well then:



Eeyup. A new Fluttershy episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired on the Hub this Saturday. And yes, Fluttershy is BEST pony! I wasn’t able to watch it live unfortunatelly, because of that stupid Cram school. Yeah, if you want to achieve something, you often have to sacrifice something. So in order to fill in the lack of Ponies this weekend I was forced to watch the episode on YouTube. :(

(Fluttershy is a tree. It’s cannon now.)

Oh, and if you would be interested of what school am I preparing for… well, since Fluttershy is my BEST pony… try and guess. ^^

Besides, I just entered the “Got Annual Pass NO Beta Club”. Wait, did I mention that already? Nevermind then… I got the Beta client downloaded… but I have no use of it, yet.

Summer time(Daylinght saving time) oh gee, I almost overslept because of it. I just thought I mention it… AND I STILL AIN’T GOT MAH BETAH!!!!1!1!1!one!!1!!!111!

In other news, a new new One Piece episode aired this Sunday too… I am a huge One Piece fan too. :)

Episode 540: “The Liberated Slaves’ Hero - The Adventurer Tiger”




Just to make it official… lol.

By the way, some new stuff appeared on MMO-Champion, might as well check out.

Gonna cover some news once I get into the Beta.

Till then!