300K Beta invites!

Excuse me, but WHAT??!!

      Y U NO GEEF ME BETA??!!

I feel like Blizzard is trolling me…


I’m still Betaless. (Pun intended, yet again… NOPE!) Nevermind me… I can wait, a bit more… just in case you look for me, don’t miss Sicily… I have some business to negotiate with my “family” about the Annual Pass.

I KEED YA! I ain’t got no “family”. :(

You can read more about the beta on MMO-Champion and Battle.net.

In other news, a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic just aired recently on the Hub. Worth checking it out. :)

        Cutiemark Crusaders

Crazy Weekend, NO-Beta Club, Ponies… !

Crazy, crazy weekend! Yep, I did a bunch of things people don’t normally do on weekends. For isntance, I’ve been to cram school and I watched Ponies… yeah. Wait, what? What’s wrong with it if a 20 years old male watches Ponies? Very well then:



Eeyup. A new Fluttershy episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired on the Hub this Saturday. And yes, Fluttershy is BEST pony! I wasn’t able to watch it live unfortunatelly, because of that stupid Cram school. Yeah, if you want to achieve something, you often have to sacrifice something. So in order to fill in the lack of Ponies this weekend I was forced to watch the episode on YouTube. :(

(Fluttershy is a tree. It’s cannon now.)

Oh, and if you would be interested of what school am I preparing for… well, since Fluttershy is my BEST pony… try and guess. ^^

Besides, I just entered the “Got Annual Pass NO Beta Club”. Wait, did I mention that already? Nevermind then… I got the Beta client downloaded… but I have no use of it, yet.

Summer time(Daylinght saving time) oh gee, I almost overslept because of it. I just thought I mention it… AND I STILL AIN’T GOT MAH BETAH!!!!1!1!1!one!!1!!!111!

In other news, a new new One Piece episode aired this Sunday too… I am a huge One Piece fan too. :)

Episode 540: “The Liberated Slaves’ Hero - The Adventurer Tiger”