Crazy Weekend, NO-Beta Club, Ponies… !

Crazy, crazy weekend! Yep, I did a bunch of things people don’t normally do on weekends. For isntance, I’ve been to cram school and I watched Ponies… yeah. Wait, what? What’s wrong with it if a 20 years old male watches Ponies? Very well then:



Eeyup. A new Fluttershy episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired on the Hub this Saturday. And yes, Fluttershy is BEST pony! I wasn’t able to watch it live unfortunatelly, because of that stupid Cram school. Yeah, if you want to achieve something, you often have to sacrifice something. So in order to fill in the lack of Ponies this weekend I was forced to watch the episode on YouTube. :(

(Fluttershy is a tree. It’s cannon now.)

Oh, and if you would be interested of what school am I preparing for… well, since Fluttershy is my BEST pony… try and guess. ^^

Besides, I just entered the “Got Annual Pass NO Beta Club”. Wait, did I mention that already? Nevermind then… I got the Beta client downloaded… but I have no use of it, yet.

Summer time(Daylinght saving time) oh gee, I almost overslept because of it. I just thought I mention it… AND I STILL AIN’T GOT MAH BETAH!!!!1!1!1!one!!1!!!111!

In other news, a new new One Piece episode aired this Sunday too… I am a huge One Piece fan too. :)

Episode 540: “The Liberated Slaves’ Hero - The Adventurer Tiger”




Rage, R4G3!!!1!1!!!1!one!!1!!! QQ

                 Mists of Pandaria Beta

Now this is getting out of hands… Blizzard keeps calm, does not even give any kind info of how many people got into the Beta nor do they want to tell us, when the next wave is coming. Now this makes me somewhat anxious.

Sir. Michael “what’shisface’ Morhaime gave us a promise: “When it goes live…”, but I don’t see any beta invite beneath my regular WoW accounts… strange. I though I signed a contract? I kept my side of the promise, but I consider not keeping it anymore, since they seem to neglect the generosity of their loyal, longterm, paying customers.

Now, it’s not that bad, although this is all I see on the forums and in the comment section of their blogpost about the “BetaBeingLive”. I know people were promised getting into the beta “When it goes live…”, but I have this feeling, that people have misinterpreted this statement a bit.

"When it goes live…" = "When it goes live, you have a guaranteed spot in the Beta. You will get in eventually, but we are unabled to accept everyone at once, since it would crash our servers and make the experience unpleasant for all of us. We are working on getting everyone in as soon as possible, so be patient and have a lookout for the beta being attached to you account. So check it as much as possible and don’t get fooled by SCAM e-mails telling you, you got into the beta, since we won’t inform you right away through the e-mail because of security measurements. Always check your account first on for the Beta. Thank you."

This is how I understood that statement, they first presented. I knew right from the spot, that they won’t be able to handle 1 Milion AP holders at once. That’s impossible. Just think about it.

I know your counter-argument is: “Well then they should have been prepared better for the Beta, to hadle those people.”

Well, you might be right at this point, but I got this feeling, that Blizzard is indeed prepared (Oh, lol Illidan quote: “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!”). Just wait and see.


By the way, some new stuff appeared on MMO-Champion, some new item-sets from the Challenge Mode as a reward. Seems interesting and worth checking out.